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This collection showcases signature motifs of the interiors by Lorenzo Castillo, such as chinoiseries, presented as embroidery and prints, as well as Op-art designs, along with classic plains and semi-plains of exceptional quality and extraordinary color palette, both features of the utmost importance for the performance of a fabric in decoration.

We can recognize the color palette of the great schools of paintings throughout the history, such as those of Toledo, Venice or Seville that nurture Castillo’s design aesthetic.

Gastón y Daniela

GDT-5183 007

51% PLY 36% COT 13%VI

Raport / Repeat:
(V) 35,5 cm; (H) 17,5 cm

Type: Terciopelos

08 Prohibición de lavado11 Prohibición de uso blanqueador23 Planchar temperatura alta: máxima 200°C.30 Limpieza en seco con percloroetileno, disolventes fluorados y esencias minerales.44 No secar en secadora

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Janano Negro

Inspired by another classic motif in the history of textiles, used by all the European courts, the shapes of this design, Lorenzo is very fond of, create a stunning effect of movement.
In velvet quality on a very sophisticated ground, its traditional palette blends with new beautiful shades and offers endless opportunities for use in decoration.

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