Gastón y Daniela launches its second wallpaper collection

04 September, 2013

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The Spanish editor Gastón y Daniela, that launched its first wallpaper collection (named ORIGEN) back in the Autumn of 2011, introduces a new proposal for this season with the wallpaper book DOS which represents a continuation in the idea of creating new patterns both original and universal that represent the spirit of the brand.

The collection comprises ten unique designs among which we have: MONT BLANC, inspired in a traditional linen stripe , whose purpose is to transmit the rustic texture of the fabric on to the paper; CONTABILIDAD, printing on paper a collage of invoices and accounting related pages; VILLA ERBA, a ‘chinoiserie’ interpreted in the way of the 20’s when they were so popular, and with a vintage feeling; VILLA FIORI, that takes us to the winter gardens combining colourful birds and tree branches in movement; AMAZONIA, document from the archives of the company that evoques the detail of the watercoloured descriptive paintings of the botanical expeditions.


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