Lorenzo Castillo Volume V Collection

This collection was inspired by a Grand Tour trip undertaken by a young Englishman in the 18th century during the reign of King George III. After visiting Pompeii and Athens, he continues on to India through Constantinople and follows along the Silk Road in search of new sources of inspiration that he eventually finds in India: prints on cotton, depicting motifs of plants, flowers and geometrics with a recurring rhythmic pattern.

This traveler called Sebastian also comes across patterns from the Far East featuring figures printed on a golden background, and multi-colored silk embroideries.

On his way back to London, he changed his itinerary and followed the route through the Mediterranean with stays in Sicily, Naples, Corsica and eventually, in Menorca island that belonged to the British Crown at that time.

Sebastian was deeply impressed by the Mediterranean, its air filled with smells of fig and lemon trees, lavenders, but above all, by its colors. A vibrant palette of blues with shades ranging from turquoise to indigo, aquamarine, emerald and vine leaf. The architecture of Mahon, the capital of Menorca island, with its white façades and green, ochre, yellow, grey and rose window frames…

Sebastian thought that the prints he had found in India, looked too flat to him, but could be enhanced with a Mediterranean flair for a fresh, more contemporary feel.

The Mahon collection was created as a fusion of different influences: classic prints from India, Chinese lacquers and embroidered silks, brought up to date and infused with Mediterranean colors, all seen through the eyes of an imaginary traveler from the West - a blue-eyed young aristocrat called Sebastian.

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