Librería Collection

Our 2018 Librería Collection comprises several Chapters as if they were a part of a library, and is arranged into 6 sample books:
Prints features designs from our 2017 wallpaper collection, that now come as matching fabrics, inspired by signature documents from our archive, especially those dating back to the 18th through to the 20th centuries.
All Over printed fabrics are versions of 2017 Woven – Non Woven wallpaper showing small motifs with an all over trail .
InOut is a collection of outdoor, inherently fire-retardant fabrics to be used both in interior decoration and for multiple outdoor applications. Contemporary designs allow unlimited use in any type of décor.
Textures is composed of a careful selection of natural fabrics of the highest quality with a wide array of textures in neutral colours.
Colours is a book of smart upholsteries with small geometrics in broad colourways that allow easy, ye sophisticated application.
Woven encompasses daring Jacquard designs with geometric motifs, inspired by traditional dresses from all over the world.

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