Lorenzo Castillo Hispania Collection

The outstanding blend of styles and cultures in the Spanish artistic heritage serves as the inspiration for my latest wallpaper collection called Hispania.

The designs of the collection take inspiration from all the historical and artistic periods in Spain. The highlights of the collection come from the Spanish Golden Age, such as Vetusta design, emulating the tortoise shell combined with the shimmering gold, widely used on furniture during those times, and also the point de Hungrie design – Jano - coming from European silk velvets of that period.

The collection continues its journey through Oriental influences of the 18th Century, the reigns of Kings Charles III and Charles IV. I created designs inspired in lacquers and Oriental embroideries, updated with a very contemporary colour palette that includes gold, silver and black.

Finally, I look to the 19th Century influences, such as basic stripes of the Empire-style tent, Fuencisla design, complemented with Baroque botanical motifs that are reminiscent of carved decorative elements used during the period of the Queen Regent of Spain.

Another essential element of my collections is geometrics, inspired in the 1960s and 70s with an outline of Turkish or Arabic origin. Contrasting colours are very contemporary, combined with gold and silver as in Xabi and Tio Juan designs.

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