Algo de Jaime Collection

Jaime is a person with autism.
He has problems with communication and sociability but he is also free to see things differently.
Jaime is an energetic, innocent and autistic artist.
He has always liked to draw and that has become his main activity, a way of expressing himself that we love.
This project is based on Jaime's abilities and aspires to be his work, which allows him to have a future in a normalized environment.

When he was little, the only way we found to communicate with him was through his drawings.
"Because of our work, my husband is an architect and I am a designer, we draw a lot and we saw that he liked them, they drew his attention, and it was easier for us to communicate with him and capture his attention like that, because autistics are very visual, they understand better the images than words »

Sole Alonso, his mother.

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