Africalia Collection

Tribal influences and Africa's bright colors inspire the new ‘Africalia’ fabric collection by Gastón y Daniela.

Virtually all the designs take inspiration from a breathtaking aesthetic of the African continent: designs coming from the mud cloths, handmade Malian cotton fabrics traditionally dyed with fermented mud; purely South African motifs that inspired the intricate Suajili design, and reminiscent of unique Kuba textiles from the Congo - Namibia and Kenia designs.

Moreover, the ‘Africalia’ collection showcases the interpretation of the African artwork from 1920s to 60s through different movements of the 20th century.

The collection encompasses a great variety of textures, finishes and colorways that reflect the rich diversity of the African continent. Plain fabrics of different tactile quality, jacquards available in different scales, prints of botanical and ethnic origin and richly colored embroideries that feature a fundamental tribal influence.

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